Job Posting: Breakfast Shift & Cleaning

Part-Time Positions Available at Centennial Inn

Centennial Inn, at the corner of 12th and Central Ave, is looking for ideally 1 person to fill two part-time positions starting as soon as you are ready and working until at least the summer and possibly beyond with options for more responsibilities including Inn management.

Position 1: Breakfast Host

  • Hours: 6:40am to 10:00am
  • Days: Ideally 2 days weekly with occasional fill-ins for others vacation
  • Description: Greet guests warmly, assist with breakfast options, and be a “warm body” in the space. Assist guests with finding food options but no cooking needed. Training provided; no prior experience necessary.

Position 2: Cleaning

  • Hours: Typically Tuesday and Friday, with flexibility
  • Description: A very simple room cleaning process that is efficient and easy to do. We have high standards but make it easy to do repetitively and makes for a great space to listen to audio books or catch up on podcasts.


  • Cleaning: $25/hour
  • Hosting: $65 per morning
  • Potential for combined shifts to minimize travel
  • Contracted position with taxes factored into pay


  • Flexible schedules, we have young family and respect your family time. Kids can often come along if needed.
  • Enjoy our breakfast and coffee/tea while you are working
  • Short-term or long-term opportunity based on your interest.
  • Possible apartment next door available for a person looking to be more involved with day to day operations.

How to Apply:

Interested? Drop me a message with any info you think is relevant and we can go from there! Email me at