Job Posting: Breakfast Shift (The Social Shift)

Centennial Inn is looking for a single person or multiple people to cover the breakfast/greeting shift. This is arguably the most enjoyable part of running an Inn and we do it everyday from 6:30-10am. I am looking for part time help primarily 2 or more days a week.

This job could be covered by 1 person who wants to work 2 days a week or multiple people who want to work a few times a month. The job could also be done by 2 people who would enjoy doing the job together (it would pay the same though).

The applicant should:

  • Be a welcoming person who is able to listen and keep conversation.
  • Know the Holland area or be willing to learn about the area, specifically downtown.
  • Be clean and neat.

Primary Duties:

  • Arrive 6:30am and put bread in the oven. The oven will already be preheated for you.
  • Make coffee and prep ingredients for breakfast: Put jams, cream cheese, goat cheese and other ingredients in jars when stocks are low. Requires basic chef knife skills for tomatoes and avocado but overall very easy.
  • Welcome guests and show them breakfast options.
    • Have nice conversation and answer questions about Holland. I can help you learn what you need to know.
    • Be able to read the room; some guests just want space.
    • Stay available for guests during the breakfast hours, keeping coffee and breakfast items stocked.
    • Gather dishes and start the dishwasher before leaving.
    • Clean up dishes or kitchen messes before leaving, leave second dishwasher load of dishes (if needed) in dish bins for someone else.
  • When we are slow or guests are not around be willing to help with some chores, especially in the busy days:
    • Fold laundry when we get backed up or during busy times.
    • Make granolas (we make it 1 to 2 times a week), roast tomatoes, pickle onions, mix overnight oats, and other various food breakfast items that we prepare in house. These tasks are typically very quick and easy.
    • Do some light clean up in common spaces if you see any messes.
    • Wipe down outside tables and inside tables after guests eat.


  • Enjoy coffee and breakfast at the Inn.
  • Have a friend visit you or work with a friend if you wish (same pay, sorry!)
  • Take home extra bread from time to time.
  • Flexible hours, we try to schedule the month in advance but can switch days when needed.
  • Room to do more work if desired.
  • A great supplemental job for someone who likes to be social and enjoys talking about food, holland, and anything else. The applicant does not need previous culinary experience.

I would prioritize an applicant who is open to clean rooms when needed, typically beginning right after breakfast possibly 1-2 days a week, very flexible. Room cleaning starts at $22/hour. 

Pay: $60 per morning (6:30am-10am)